Wedding Perfume “The Key To Our Memories”

It’s true, have you ever been transported back in time by a certain fragrance? It’s amazing what memories can be evoked. Our sense of smell is so powerful and I’m often so thankful to smell the sweet scent of roses in my garden or wonderful fresh basil while I cook. On my recent visit to the French Riviera the streets were bathed in the aroma of Jasmine, it was so strong and so beautiful, it made me want to plant Jasmine in every corner of my garden when I came home.

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Most of us have a favourite perfume, I personally adore Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. It’s my signature scent and I have never found a perfume I love more. So for me, choosing my wedding perfume was simple. However, since then I have read of many couples choosing new perfumes especially for their wedding day which I thought was a wonderful idea, a new fragrance for new memories. It seems such a small detail yet scents are so powerful. Memories can be triggered in an instant by a smell that takes us right back to a moment.

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All the memories from your big day could be a spritz away whenever you choose to relive them.

Have you considered this small but powerful detail when planning your big day? If so, which scent will you be wearing when you begin your love story?

With Love

Christina x

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