Hi there lovely, my name is Christina Sarah and I am a natural light UK and destination wedding photographer. I’m hugely inspired by beautifully lit, natural and romantic fine art photography. I travel throughout the UK and Europe capturing my clients most precious moments.

“Christina captured every beautiful moment”

“We had an amazing day full of laughter and you made us feel very relaxed”

While I currently only have a few 2017 dates available and booking up 2018 as we speak I am so excited about each and every wedding I am able to be a part of.

I live between the UK and France. I adore France and consider myself a real Francophile, it’s such a beautiful country with breathtaking architecture, wonderful culture and delicious food (the best I’ve ever tasted). My love affair with France started back in 2010 when me and my husband purchased our own French dream (which included a touch of renovation!!).

I’m an interior design obsessive and could get lost in Laura Ashley for hours and after all that shopping and renovating it’s been said I’m a little crazy about afternoon tea but then again who isn’t!

My love for photography began back in 2013 when I became a wife to my wonderful husband Si. Our amazing wedding photographer opened my eyes to a world that has dazzled me with its beauty and it is since our wedding day that I have found a new passion for photography. Seeing my wedding day slide show for the first time had me in tears and it was in that moment that I knew I wanted to create this feeling for other brides to be!

How I wish I could go back to that moment, relive it and savour every second of those 18 hours.

If I could I would tell my self one thing… RELAX, BREATHE and most of all ENJOY every second, because once your head hits the pillow it is but a cherished memory. We were even fortunate enough to have our own wedding featured on both blogs French Wedding Style & Love My Dress

I’ve also recently enjoyed being a feature writer for the amazing blog Love My Dress® and am now currently Editorial assistant for French Wedding Style blog.

Now, I’d like us to get to know each other a little better and I love random facts so here are a few about me…

Me and my husband are HUGE Friends fans, not to the point of knowing the lines though, no, that would just be weird….. Ooops!
I’m a bit of a fan of chocolate, OK well a chocoholic… well what girl isn’t!
I’m a flea market lover, I’ve been told by my husband I’m not allowed to buy any more ‘bargains’. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!!
I may have a slight love for Disney, I said slight, I did not say I wear Little Mermaid pyjamas!

I’d love to know a few random facts about you and your hubby to-be, even more I’d LOVE to hear about your wedding plans! If you’d like more information regarding my photography services please do get in touch here. 

With Love
Christina Sarah x